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Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2010 with funding from 

Lyrasis IVIembers and Sloan Foundation 

the nineteen sixty-five <f urryer 

table of contents 








Graduating Seniors 






editorial staff 

Steve Walker 


Alari Cohan 

Assistant Editor 
and Sales 

Nicholas Fleming 

Photography Editor 

%*** ^ 


m^~. ~ - — . 


:ri^ ^>-.::7^ 


Ife are 'proud to dedicate this volume to Curry 
College, and -particularly the new Curry that has 
grown up while we have been here as students. 
Since 1879, when Curry College was founded, this 
institution has never experienced such growth and 
enthusiasm as we have witnessed in the academic 
year 1964,-65. 

The dedication this year cannot be bestowed on 
one individual, for it has taken collective effort to 
bring our College to its present height. It is coop- 
eration between a competent faculty and an active 
student body that has achieved this amazing trans- 

With a toast to its growth, we proudly dedicate 
this 1965 Curry er to our College. 

New Academic Building 



The Corporation 

Officers of the Corporation and Board of Trustees 

Willard Price Lombard, LL.B., D.Sc.O. 

Kirtley Fletcher Mather, B.S., Ph.D., Sc.D., Litt.D., L.H.D., LL.D. 

Vice Chairman 
Mildred Buchanan Flagg, A.B., A.M., D.Sc.O., Litt.D. 

David Russell Hubbard, A.B. 


Members of the Corporation and Board of Trustees 

Willard Price Lombard, LL.B., D.Sc.O. 

Senior Member, Sweetser & Lombard, Counselors at Law 
Joseph Aloysius Doherty, D.M.D., B.S., M.S., LL.B., D.Sc.O. 

Professor of Geology, Emeritus, Harvard University 
Mildred Buchanan Flagg, A.B., A.M., D.Sc.O., Litt.D. 

Writer and Lecturer 
Richard E. Adams 

General Manager and Treasurer, Radio Station WKOX, WKOX Inc., Framingham 
David Russell Hubbard, A.B. 

President and Treasurer, Palmer, Hubbard and Carpenter, Inc. 

George William Perkins, 11, B.Sc.O. 

Hartford Life Insurance Company 
Nathaniel Leverone, B.S., D.Sc.O., Litt.D., H.H.D. 

Founder and Chairman, Automatic Canteen Company of America 

Board of Consultants 

Dr. Wilfred Chagnon, Chairman Newton Mr. Joseph Drapkin Newton 

Dr. Wilmon Brewer Hingham Dr. Tehyi Hsieh Brighton 

Dr. Frieda M. Drapkin Newton 

Dt. William P. Lombard 
Chairman of Board of Trustees 

President of the College 
Dr. Howard D. Wood 

President of the College 
Dr. Howard D. Wood 

Since the Fall of 1963 Dr. Howard D. Wood has 
served as President of Curry College. But, 
"serving" merely sounds perfunctory and it 
must be pointed out that his service extends 
far beyond his appointed duties. This learned 
man has given his entire strength and influence 
to ins-pire this small New England College to 
reach a position of Collegiate prestige. Curry 
College is proud to have as its President a 
man so dedicated to education, so deeply con- 
cerned with our college and so great a friend. 



Curry . o . 

First ste'p in a new direction 

an atmos'phere to discover . . . 

people with varied interests, and interesting themselves 


hut more than peo'ple, curry 
is individuals . . . 

like paints spotted on a canvas - different hut blending 



every new face experiences 
change ... a home away from 
home, hut close as a phone call 
or a newspaper . . „ 

the consciousness of experience ... 

eyes and hands become meaningful . . . the art of 

expression and communication develops . . . 



the stimulus . . . 


Processor Edward Hastings 




Albert Sherring 

I ' ''" 


V J- 







lecture .... concentration is often dispelled 
hy a moment of unexpected capriciousness 
.... the classroom is sheer human interest. 


emfty, it is cause for thought ... pensive wonder 

curry, is a place to think . . . 





Dean of the College 

Samuel S. Kung 
A.B., A.M., Ed.D 
Dean of the College 
A.B., Cheeloo University 
A.M., Springfield College 
Ed., Columbia University 


Dean of Students 

Cecil Rose 

A.B., Th.D. 

Dean of Men 

A.B., Colby College 

Th.D., Princeton University 

Charles R. Meeks 

B.A., M.S. 

Dean of Admissions 

B.A., Ohio Wesleyan University 

M.S., Boston University 


Milton L. Boyle, Jr. 
A.B., B.D. 
Harvard University 

Ann P. Marvin 
B.A., M.Ed., Ed.M. 

Instructor of English 
B.A.iUniversity of Michigan 
M.Ed. Tufts Secondary Ed. 
Ed.M. Harvard University 


Pamela N. Wrinch 

A.B., M.A., Ph.D., History Department 

A.B. University of Michigan 

M.A. University of Michigan 

Ph.D. Yale University 

Owen Channen 

A.B., B.D. 

Acting Chairman, English Department 

A.B., Magill University 

B.D., Presbyterian College 


Alan R. Curtis 
B.S., M.Ed. 

Instructor in Business Administration 
B.S. Boston University 
M.Ed. Boston University 

Norma Ebbels 

B.A., M.A. 

Assistant Professor of Spanish 

B.A. University of New Hampshire 

M.A. University of Michigan 


Douglas L. Reed 

S.B., M.B.A. 

Assistant Professor of Business Administration 

S.B. Indiana University 

M.B.A. Texas Technological College 

Mahmoud Taher 

B.S., M.S. 

Assistant Professor of Biology 

B.S. Cairo University 

M.S. University of Minnesota 


Albert Sherring 

A.B., A.M., A.M. 

Associate Professor of Sociology 

A.B., A.M. Allahbad University 

A.M. Boston University 

Edith S. Gilmore 

B.A., Ph.D. 

Associate Professor of German and English 

B.A. Radcliffe College 

Ph.D. Yale University 

Ralph K. Carleton 
S.B., A.M., Ph.D., Sc.D. 

Professor of Chemistry 
S.B. Boston University 
A.M. Harvard University 
Ph.D. Vanderbilt University 
Sc.D. Shurtleff College (Hon. 

Alexander B. Moissiy 

Th.D., LL.D. 

Associate Professor of French 

Th.D. University of lassey (Roumania) 

LL.D. University of Bukarest (Roumania) 

Marilyn Tarlow 


Instructor in Art 

S.B. Massachusetts College of Art 

Michael LaBudo 

B.A., M.Ed. 

Assistant Professor Elementary Ed. 

B.A. King's College 

M.Ed. University of Delaware 

John Griffin 
Assistant Coach 
Hofstra University 

Willard Leeman 

B.S., M.Ed. 

Coach, Director of Phys. Ed. 

B.S. Drake University 

M.Ed. Salem State 

Richard C. Pisano 

B.S., M.ME., Ed.D. 

Associate Professor of Music and Education 

B.S. State Teachers College of New York 

M.ME. Florida State University 

Ed.D. Columbia Teachers College 

Indar Kamal 
A.B., A.M. 

Instructor of Mathematics 
A.B., A.M. Delhi University 

Edward Hastings 

A.B., A.M. 

Assistant Professor of English 

A.B. Wesleyan University 

A.M. Harvard University 

Kathleen B. McCann 

Dean of Women 

A.B., M.F.A. 

Assistant Professor of Speech 

A.B. Barnard College 

Columbia University 
M.F.A. Yale University 


Richard P. Bonney 
A.B., A.M. 

Instructor of History 
A.B., A.M. 
Harvard University 

Nancy Ann Pisano 


Instructor of Physical Education 


State University Teachers College, 

Potsdam, New York 

Duane F- Blackwood 

A.B., A.M., PhD. 

Associate Professor of Psychology 

A.B., College of Wooster 

A.M., Ph.D., 

Ohio State University 

Carlton Condit 
A.B., Ph.D. 
Professor of Geology 
A.B., Ph.D. 
University of California 

Cediminas Sveikauskas 


Instructor of History 


Harvard College 

Mrs. LeBaron 



Miss Marian Channon 

Secretary to Registrar 


John Harvey 
Director of Public 

Miss Paula Johnson 
Secretary to Dean of 

John P. Vallely 

Assistant to the President 
Baseball Coach 


Josephine A. Hope 

A.B., A.M., M.L.S. 


A.B., A.M. Pembroke College 

of Brown University 

M.L.S., Columbia University 

Flora Belyea 

Secretary to Dean 
of Admissions 

Diane Orrenberg 

Bookstore Manager 

</'— ^ 

Mrs. Hanson 

Miss Jeanne Theberg 


Mrs. Rose 
Assistant Librarian 


Miss Ruth Gordon 
Library Staff 


Mrs. Grela 
College Nurse 

Mr. George Jeddry 





The Colonel 

Professor Channon, Nicholas Fleming, Louis Frino, Andrew Genettis, 
Editor-in-Chief, Roman Colmenares, Frank Pellegrini, Rose Atamian, 
Everette Breaux, Joan Goldberg, Roe Clark, George Zaroulis, Ted 
Smith, Roger Carrasquilio. 


Newman Club 

Frank Peronace, Roger Carrasquillo, Paul Lorton, Walter Kirley, Michael O'Grady, 
James McG'mnity, Philip Capen, Russell Morgan, Robert Spillone 


Psychology Club 

Louis Frino, Gaii Cunningham, Charles 
Walker, Frank Piccolo, Sara Couch, 
Everette Breaux, Muriel Coler, John 
Stanley, Lawrence Day, Robert Spillane, 
Marilyn Ciesia, Roger Gray, Joan Gold- 
berg, Martha Badger, Faculty Advisor - 
Dr. Duane Blackwood 

Russian Club 

Faculty Advisor - Dr. Moissiy, Dr. Black- 
wood,, Jerald Nogin, Keith Metier, George 
Zaroulis, Andrew Genettis, Glenn Cooper, 
Frank Grodl, Rose Atamian, Martha 
Badger, Brandon Delaney, Richard DeLoia, 
John Gregory 


The Curry Theta's 

Andrew Kalinowski 
Philip Capen 
Alda Bettigole 
Dean Rose 

Stephen Walker 
Carol Freedman 
Babbette Balis 
Dr. Carlton Condit 

Randall Radkay 
Sherry Posner 
Nancy Garis 
Mrs. Kathleen McCann 



Barry Follick 
Harris Fleishman 
Pamela Hartog 
Mrs. Hanson 

Sheldon Goldman 
Harold Cohen 
Stephen Verakus 
Ted Smith 

Richard Pollack 
Rose Atamian 
Arlene Rosendorf 
George Jeddrey 


1 ' % >i 

French Club 

Advisor Professor Moissey, Cheryl Hollock, Louise Klaber, 
Cynthia Ostroff, Martin Thorsen, Nancy Garis, Frank Pel- 
legrini, Sherry Posner, Arlene Rosendorf, Rachel Clark, 
Alda Bettigole, Vivienne Salmon, Maryann Kotopski, Ellen 
Chonnon, Lillian Mertz, Loyd Peacock, Charles Tuite, 
Clara Irvine, Paul Berger, Philip Young, Carol Freedman, 
Joseph Backus, Muriel Coler, Lawrence Day, Edgar Kusik, 
Vincent Turner, Mark Norton, Joseph Cincotta, Leonard 
Oliveri, James Johnson 

Debate Club 

Thomas Huggard 
Andrew Gennettis 
Charles Tuite 
Professor Channon 
Martin Sendecki 
Louis Frino 


Library Staff 

Russell Morgan, Ruth Gordon, Jill Abraham, 
Mrs. Hope, Everette Breaux, Mrs. Rose. Not 
pictured, Leonard Oiiveri. 

Student Senate 

Sheldon Goldman, Arlene Rosendorf, John Pozzi, 
Roger Gray, Joan Goldberg, Joseph Abraham, 
Michael O'Grady, Paul Lorton, Anthony Forte, 
Ronald Landfare, Robert Levine. 
Dr. Duane Blackwood - Faculty Consultant 





«• *? 


Dr. Richard Pisano 



Cheryl Hallock 



Chimes of blending voices ring 
out the melodic sound of the Curry 
Mixed Choir. Through the efforts 
of Dr. Richard Pisano, publisher 
and arranger of scores of musical 
pieces, the choir is scheduling 
several outside appearances for 
the spring season. Beginning the 
concert year with a performance 
on the WMEX radio program, "The 
Jerry Williams Show," during the 
Christmas season, the massive 
voice unit will continue it's public 
appearances this Spring at the 
Worlds Fair plus a performance tour 
of the New York, New Jersey area. 

Science Club 

Nicholas Fleming, Roger Corrasquil lo, Robert 
Baker, Professor Kamal, Dr. Carlton, Thomas 
Sapontgis, George Zaroulis, Andrew Genettis. 

Ski Club - at Blue Hills 

Martin Sandecki, Allen Benas, Martin Buckley, Leslie Bauer, Jill Abraham, 
Henry Knapp, Johanne Ducey, Stephen Donella, Trudi Kohn, Dennis Einstein, 
Paige Bailey, Frank Pelligrini 

" -*■"-.%"' *-itv 

Men's Dorm Proctors 

John Affronti, Paul Lorton, Mike O'Grady, 
Ion Kops. 


Freshmen Dorm Councilors 

Stephen Donella, George Dresser, 
George Zaroulis, David Parker. 

Women's Dorm Councilors 

Rachel Clark, Marilyn Ciesia, 
Barbara Hill. 


_ZC 'JtJ^yl' 


Varsity Club 

First Row: 

Leonard Oliveri, Paul Lorton, Thomas 
Tortoriello, Richard Statucki, Louis 
Lembo, Michael O'Grady, Joseph 
Abraham, Robert Baker, Stephen 
Donella, George Dresser, Douglas 
Murdock, Ion Kops, 
S econd Row: 

Coach William Leemon, Philip Capen, 
Willard McLucas, Stephen Walker, Leo 
Graham, James Froguela, Frank 
Longo, Charles Wehmeyer, Thomas 
Huggard, Henry Knapp, Robert LaRaia 
and Roger Gray 

Outing Club 

Frank Longo, Ronald Landfare, Susan Racicot, Walter T. Kirley, 
Woodward Johnson, Frank Perance, John Stanley, Robert Walsh, 
Dr. Carlton Condit, Not Pictured: Joyce Keough, Steve Donella 





in American Schools and Colleges 















Ian Kops, Richard Wolfberg 

Roger Carrasquillo, Nicholas Fleming 


The '65 Curryer Staff 

Carol Freedman, Jim McGinnity, Jeanne Ducy, Steve Walker, Suzanne Rocicot, Paige Bailey, 
Carl Schulman, Ian Kops, Alan Cohan, Jane Hamelsky, Jane Grossman, Nick Fleming, Roger 
Carrasquil lo 


Keeping many late hours and to the point of illegible handwriting and 
vague mumbles - the Curryer Staff has struggled to present the Curry 
we all see ... every day ... a college vivid and interesting. We have 
deliberately published an informal true-to-life study of the overall 
picture, the image of our college. From the editor many thanks to those 
who gave me their all I 

Steve Walker 


Harold Dodge, 


Alan Cohan, Steve Walker, Editor-in-Chief , Ken Murphy, Photographer 

Nick Fleming, Photographer 

iv)^'}¥yy^'\i ^^^'A^s^ss 



Uii!' ; ( V 



%. \ i' 

Z I 

Abraham, Joseph 
Secondary Education 

Ayre, Stephen 
Business Administration 

Badger, Martha 

Baker, Robert 

Balis, Babette 
Elementary Education 

Capen, Philip 
Secondary Education 

Becker, Robert 
Business Administration 

Clarke, Rikki 
Elementary Education 

Ciesia, Marilyn 

Cohen, Allen 

Delancy, Brandon 
History and Government 

Cunningham, Gail 
Elementary Education 

D'Andria, Diana 
Elementary Education 

DeMarco, Frederick 
Business Administration 



Epstein, Barry 
Business Administration 

Dresser, George 
Business Administration 

Fisher, James 
Business Administration 

Follick, Barry 
Business Administration 

Ellstein, Dennis 
Business Administration 



Frino, Louis 

Gold, Herbert 

Business Administration 

Geiger, Carolyn 
Elementary Education 

Genettis, Andrew 

Goldson, Barbara 
Secondary Education 

Huggard, Thomas 
Business Administration 

Gray, Roger 

Greenfield, Lois 
Elementary Education 

Johnson, James 

Johnson, Ralph 
Business Administration 

^^ K 


Kagan, Arthur 

Keough, Joyce 
Elementary Education 


Kops, Ian 

Kohn, Trudi 
Elementary Education 

LaghettOj Robert 

Lombardi, Francis 
Secondary Education 

Lembo, Louis 

Lewis, Peter 

Mayer, Walter 

Business Administration 


McLucas, Willard 
Business Administration 

Morgan, Russell 
Business Administration 

Miller, James 

Business Administration 

Nardelli, Mary Ann 
History and Government 



Newman, Alan 

Parker, David 
Business Administration 

Peck, Allan 

Business Administration 

Oliveri, Leonard 
History and Government 

Perlman, Steve 


Pettite, Chet 

Business Administration 

Potash, Stephen 

Pollak, Richard 
Business Administration 

Pozzi, John 

Business Administration 

Rodano, Philip 

Redish, Jane 
Elementary Education 

Rosenfield, Suzanne 
Secondary Education 

Sachs, Sheila 

Reinhordt, Richard 
Business Administration 


Saletan, Charles 

Schreiber, Susan 
Elementary Education 

Schwartz, Philip 

Sill, Peter 

Business Administration 

Simon, Laurel 
Elementary Education 


Speciale, David 
History and Government 

Spillane, Robert 

Taylor, Anne 
Elementary Education 

Speier, Arthur 
Business Administration 

Tisler, Howard 


Tortoriello, Thomas 
Secondary Education 

Videll, Monta 
Elementary Education 

Walsh, Robert 
Business Administration 

Wehmeyer, Charles 
Business Administration 

Wolfberg, Richard 
Secondary Education 


Senior Class Officers 

George Dresser, Vice-President, Ann Taylor, Secretary, Philip Capen, President, 
Richard Pollak, Treasurer. 


A College Camyus 
naturally beautiful 


while in the midst of growth, 


"provides the background 
for interacting friendships ... 

diversified interests, 

active and "passive 




(271C? things to remember 




slii'U^^^lS ikSi.. 


things to look hack on. 

Graduation 1964 


May 31, 1963 

United States senator Edward "Ted" Kennedy (D. Mass.) addresses 
the graduating class of Curry College ... fresh from his tour of 
Ireland in the midst of promoting the John F. Kennedy Memorial 
Library, he re-emphasized the "forward" look his late brother took 
toward education. It was only shortly after this speech that senator 
Kennedy had a near-tragic plane crash in eastern Massachusetts. 
He has recovered, and his courage and forceful nature will continue 
to inspire us in the Kennedy fashion. 


The fall ... its leaves drifting in multi 
splendor brings old faces back ... its 
Homecoming! A swift Boston University 
team handed the Colonels a Saturday 
afternoon defeat starting the alumni week- 
end off with a thud - a little less than a 
bang. But, acHvity dominates the campus 
and the former graduates are swept up in a 
maze of new facts and figures about "the 
New Curry." On into the night, ebbing and 
bobbing in a mass of rhythm the Home- 
coming crowd forgot about the afternoon's 
game, the mid-term worries and just ploin 
enjoyed themselves. During the week 
before, ballots decided six Curry "Debs" 
to compete for Homecoming Queen. Martha 
Badger, Danna Legg, Cheryl Hal lock, Joan 
Goldberg, Barbara Hill and Diane D'Andria 
waited for the judges' decision - then it 
came, a crown for Cheryl Hal lock, a sopho- 
more from Hartford, Connecticut! 


Homecoming '*64'' 

Cheryl Hallock 


Diane D'Andraia 


Joan Goldberg 

Danna Legg 

Barbara Hill 

Martha Badger 





The 1964 Curry "Colonels" jumped on the heavily 
favored Quonset, Rhode Island, Airbee's in their 
first encounter of the season scoring an impressive 
14-6 victory in the away game. Touchdowns by 
Halfback Bob Lagetto and Quarterback Steve Walker 
began a barrage of further scoring attacks through- 
out the season. Impressive performances by Ends 
Mark Norton and Bob Levine plus the exciting 
running of starting backs Hank Knapp, Ed Minelli, 
Jim Williams and Bob LaRaia established Curry 
as a potential small college threat in New England. 
The "Colonels" line featured the hordnosed 
efforts of Tackles Charlie Wehmeyer, Bill McLucas 
and Ed Casarella. Guards Frank Longo and Dave 
Special along with center Bill Schlieff provided 
the "mid-block" that brought many Curry rooters 
to their feet on defensive plays. 

Providing mid season spark, Doug Murdock ce- 
mented the "Colonels" passing attack. Coach 
Bill Leeman looks for an improved season next 
year - the biggest job is avenging Curry's end-of- 
the-season loss to the "Green" from Nichols who 
the year before fell victims to the "Colonels," in 
the arch rival match. 


Coach Bill Leeman and 
Assistant Coach Jack Griffin 

"Football is a great sport ... it builds teamwork. 
As a coach, you get to know your ballplayers, 
their good and bad points. You have to show 
where just a minor adjustment on the line or in 
the backfield can make the difference in winning 
or losing. Some times things look really bod, but 
like I said — it's teamwork that counts. Getting 
that ball to your halfback ... blocking downfield 
... they all depend on everybody doing his job. 
I think next year's squad will have a good" season 
— just the fact the Boston Patriots are running 
their Football Clinic at Curry mokes me think so." 


t-^X^ri'f ^^^^: 

^«fca(fe:ifc:^-£:^'™>!L -H ^ ^va«fc.i 

Z?OM^ Murdoch 

First Row: Robert Levine, Edward Minelli, Mark Norton, Charles Wehmeyer, Stephen Walker, Frank Longo, 
Robert Laghetto, William Schleiff, James Williams, Edmund Casarello, Thomas Daly, George Gianelis, 
Second Row: Coach Wiliard Leeman, Daniel Schafer, Robert LoRaia, Henry Knapp, Willard McLucas, Thomas 
Tortoriello, Edward Schroeder, Peter Sylvester, Maurice Wyman, Daniel Danton, Assistant Coach Jack Griffin, 
Manager Ian Kops, Third Row: Richard Pilling, Peter Sharp, Roger Roth, Bill Kimmel, John Despart, Carl 
Miranda, Marc Kamin, Douglas Murdock, Stephen Zanni, Paul Moskowitz. 

Captain Frank Longo 


Finishing the 64 season with a 2-4-1 record, the Colonels' 
Soccer squad looks to rebuild next year. The team, ham- 
pered with many vital injuries, plaguing them throughout the 
season, played every game with astonishing desire and a will 
to win. Nathaniel Hawthorne College invaded the Colonels' 
camping grounds to open the season and found it tough going 
- the colonels pulling out a 3-2 win. The Colonels' tight 
defense proved to be a drawing card for Curry rooters. Co- 
Captains Richard "Varsity" Statuki and Thomas Tortoriello 
superheaded a fast block and boot crews of Leo Graham, 
Fred DeMarco, Bill Fremel and first-year goalie Rick Lorton. 
The offense led by Bob Burg, Jim Fraquela, Sumner Dom- 
merich, and Richard Statuki rounded out a squad that brought 
more students to Soccer Games than at any time in the past 
despite a losing record. 

James Fraguela, Bill Frimez, Mac Domerick, Craig Wolfe, Jerald Kibbe, Richard Harmon, Fred 
DeMarco, Edward Burke, Haywood Johnson, Robert OIpp, Paul Lorton, Richard Statuki, Coach 
Jack Griffin, Thomas Tortoriello . 





Losing last year's starters, playmaker, Buddy 
Affronti, 6—4 center Ernie Mosely and 6—4 forward 
Mark Norton, plus ineligibilities - a blight to any 
college hoop squad - the Curry five's hopes for a 
better than average '64— '65 season faded early in 
December. The Colonels opened the season against 
Babson College on their Wellesley court in the 
Babson Invitational Tournament, Curry winning 
against Babson 98-85. The Colonel five went 
on to place fourth in the competition with powerful 
Merimack College dumping Bentley for high honors. 
Curry Guard Ed Minelli was leading scorer in the 
tourney and was subsequently voted to the All- 
Tourney Team. Four year veteran 6—3 Senior Jim 
Johnson and Senior Fred DeMarco handed in im- 
pressive performances for Curry in their last games. 
Gaining valuable experience and promising an 
effective fast break squad next year were Junior 
Richard Statuki, Freshmen Bob Levine and Dave 
Fusco. Continuing to bring the Curry fans to their 
feet this year were leading scorers Ed Minelli and 
Lloyd Peacock. The team finished the season with 
an over-all shooting percentage of 41% from the 
floor and a foul line percentage of 60%. 


Jim Johnson 



Dave Fusco 


Lloyd Peacock 

Boh Levine 

Left to right: William Piaseki, Robert Levine, James Johnson, Coach Bill Leeman, Edward 
Minelli, Fred DeMarco, James Fraguella, Richard Statuki. Not pictured: Lloyd Peacock, David 
Fusco, Mark Norton. 

Coach Bill Leeman 


Richard Brunner (Manager), Ian Kops, Charles Wehmeyer, Paul Lorton, Bruce Sproul, Edmond Noke, 
Jeffry Rothegin, Stephen Kapnick (Manager), David Belgrade, Henry Knapp, Stephen Donelia, George Dresser, 
Loyd Leiser, William Morris, Coach Jack Vallely. 



Anne Marie Leco, Donna Alteri, Ellen Yodowitz, Glenn Cooper, Sheri Baro, Marie Ford, Wendy 
Frair, Dawn Reddish, Leslie Seymann, Mary Ann Katopski 



Abraham, Jiil 16 East 98th Street, New York, New York 

Abraham, Joseph 1025 Pleasant Street, Weymouth, Mass. 

Adams, Gary 16 Clarke Street, Binghamton, Mass. 

Affronti, John 2667 Dewey Avenue, Rochester, New York 

Ahern, Janet 62 Curtis Street, Somerville, Mass. 

Aleks, Benjamin 885 Williams Street, Longmeadow, Mass. 

Altieri, Donna 195 Summit Drive, Cranston, Rhode Island 

Ambler, James 828 Glen Road, Jenkintown, Penn. 

Ambrose, Sandra 328 Washington Street, East Bridgewater, Mass. 

Anderson, Robert 23 Lincoln Street, Stoneham, Mass. 

Anderson, Kenneth 23 Winsor Way, Weston, Mass. 

Atamian, Rose 18 Richards Road, Watertown, Mass. 

Ayre, Steve 16 Winson Street, Dorchester, Mass. 

Backus, Joseph Box 341, Stuart, Florida 

Badger, Martha 40 Clapboardtree Street, Norwood, Mass. 

Baker, Howard 183-05 Elmira Avenue, Mollis, New York 

Bailey, Allan Wolfeboro, New Hampshire 

Bailey, Paige 20 W.E. 18th Street, Delray Beach, Florida 

Baker, Robert 76 West Street, Braintree, Mass. 

Balis, Babette 425 Rosehill Place, Elizabeth, New Jersey 

Ballen, Bruce 333 East 176th Street, New York, New York 

Bamond, John 60 Orchard Avenue, Emerson, New Jersey 

Barcelo, Paul 755 Walnut Street, Lynnfield, Mass. 

Baron, Sheri 724 Othello Avenue, Franklin Square, New York 

Bauer, Leslie 22 Curtis Avenue, West Orange, New Jersey 

Becker, Robert 107 Winn Street, Belmont, Mass. 

Beiner, Clark 1571 Sheridan Avenue, Bronx, New York 

Becker, William 55K Nolls Crescent, Bronx, New York 

Benas, Allen Millens Bay, Cape Vincent, New York 

Berman, Ellen 2615 Honecrest Avenue, New York, New York 

Berger, Paul 2220 Mickle Avenue, Bronx, New York 

Bernard, Robert 143 Rosemary Road, Dedham, Mass. 

Bettigole, Alda 32 Bilbert Street, New Haven, Conn. 

Bisconte, Vincent 55 Dustin Street, Brighton, Mass. 

Blauvelt, John 913 Stony Hill Road, Wilbraham, Mass. 

Bocchichio, Michael 20 Mountain View Drive, Waterbury, Conn. 

Bombaci, Paul 193 Whitwell Street, Quincy, Mass. 

Borke, Edward 14 West Holly Street, Crawford, New Jersey 

Borken, Rosleen 735 Kensington Drive, Westbury, New York 

Bracco, John 314 Tompkins' Avenue, Mamaroneck, New York 

Braunstein, David 2565 Grand Concourse, Bronx, New York 

Breaux, Everette 48 Oak Street, Hyde Park, Mass. 

Brewer, Charles 260 Roydon Road, New Haven, Conn. 

Brodigan, Michael 67 Clearwater Drive, Dorchester, Mass. 

Brolewyc, Anthony 22 Kenwood Road, Peabody, Mass. 

Brugnoli, Louis 933 Midland Road, Oradell, New Jersey 

Bruscell, Anthony 148 Trouville Road, Cupiaque, New York 


Buckley, Martin 22 Crane Avenue, White Plain, New York 
Burg, Robert 194 Ganden Road, Brookline, Mass. 
Byrne, Edmund Park Drive, North, Rye, New York 
Camorali, Francis 383 Adams Street, Milton, Mass. 
Capen, Philip 235 Fairmount Ave., Milton, Moss. 
Cappell, James 511 West 232 St., New York, New York 
Carrasquillo, Roger 39 East 79 Street, New York, New York 
Carabello, Joseph 11 St. Michael's Place, Clifton, New York 
Casarella, Edmond 141 Newington Avenue, Hartford, Conn. 
Cassone, Robert 76 Bowman Drive, North Greenwich, Conn. 
Channon, Ellen 12 Hillcrest Road, Canton, Mass. 
Chetta, Samuel 394 Powells Lane, Westbury, New York 
Ciancimino, James 133 Lyons Street, New Britain, Conn. 
Ciesia, Marilyn Pleasant Street, Southbridge, Mass. 
Cincotto, Joseph 15 Reyen Street, Waltham, Mass. 
Clark, Rachel 148 Brook Street, Hanson, Mass. 
Clarke, Rikki 49 Woodchester Drive, Newton, Mass. 
Cody, Elizabeth 70 Hollett Street, North Scituate, Mass. 
Cohan, Alan 102 Jefferson Terrace, Springfield, New Jersey 
Cohen, Allan 14 Wellman Street, Brookline, Mass. 
Cohen, Arnold 24 E Street, Hull, Mass. 
Cohen, Harold 48 Bryant Place, Westwood, Mass. 
Cohen, Jon 51 Wesfview Road, Worcester, Mass. 
Cole, Douglas 61 South Street, Plainville, Mass. 
Coler, Muriel 100 Circuit Street, Winthrop, Mass. 
Coimenores, Roman Av. Cabnalis, Qta. Chepa 

Colinas de Beilo Monte. Caracas, Venezuela 
Cooper, Glenn 146 Powell Road, Allendale, New Jersey 
Corman, Michael 122 Woodcliffe Road, Brookline, Mass. 
Couch, Sara 64 Forestville Avenue, Plainville, Conn. 
Cray, Peter 1766 Watchung Avenue, Plainfield, New Jersey 
Crean, Rolt 279 Park Street, Stoughton, Mass. 
Crecelius, Karen 1 Alfred Drive, Barrington, Rhode Island 
Cunningham, Gail 801 Caldwell Avenue, Union, New Jersey 
Cutter, Richard 78 Parmenter Road, Waltham, Mass. 
Daly, Thomas 421 Marlboro Street, Boston, Mass. 
D'Andraia, Diana 105 Alta Avenue, Yonkers, New York 
Danton, Daniel 118 Barthold Avenue, Jersey City, New Jersey 
Day, Lawrence 321 Maple Road, Longmeadow, Mass. 
Delaney, Brandon 80 Central Street, Foxboro, Mass. 
Deloia, Richard 56 Green Street, Hopedale, Mass. 
DeMarco, Frederick 7319 37th Rood, Jackson Heights, New York 
DeNapoli, Richard 2 Otis Avenue, Cohasset, Mass. 
DeNapoli, Roger 2 Otis Avenue, Cohasset, Mass. 
DiBenedetto, Paul 515 South Avenue, Weston, Mass. 
Dommerich, Sumner 48 Shore Road, Old Greenwich, Conn. 
Donella, Stephen 158 Tanners Pond Road, Garden City, New York 
Dresser, George 10 Summit Drive, Hingham, Mass. 
Ducey, Johanne 29 Highland Street, Newington, Conn. 
Eagleston, Richard 18 Forest Street, Stoneham, Mass. 


Ellstein, Dennis 769 Birchwood Drive, Westburg, New York 

Epstein, Barry 63-35 Bourton Street, Rego Park, New York 

Epstein, Linda 1305 East 22 Street, Brooklyn, New York 

Epstein, Robert 991 East 22 Street, Brooklyn, New York 

Faas, James 84 Eaton Lane, Long Island, New York 

Feeley, John 491 Bronxville Road, Bronxville, New Jersey 

Feingold, Mathiew 2211 Bragg Street, Brooklyn, New York 

Ferguson, Peter 67 Malvern Road, Brockton, Mass. 

Ferguson, Philip 31 North Street, Randolph, Mass. 

Fisher, James 81 Cumberland Road, West Hartford, Conn. 

Fleming, Nicholas 2313 Hamburg Street, Schenectady, New York 

Fleishman, Harris 25 Westbourne Road, Newton, Mass. 

Follick, Barry 17 Ralph Road, Marblehead, Mass. 

Foont, Alan 84 Salem Road, Rockville Center, New York 

Ford, Marie 676 Riverside Drive, New York, New York 

Forte, Anthony 221 West 11 Street, New York, New York 

Fraguela, James 51 Forest Boulevard, Ardsley, New York 

Freedman, Carol 324 Harrison Avenue, Highland Park, New Jersey 

Fred, Arnold 7 Park Circle, Cedarhurst, New York 

Frimel, Bill 200 East 57 Street, New York, New York 

Frino, Louis 321 Buckingham Street, Oaksville, Conn. 

Fryar, Arlene 144 Bridge Street, Weymouth, Mass. 

Fusco, David 39 Bella Vista Avenue, Mansfield, Mass. 

Goike, William 65 Ridge Street, Devon, Conn. 

Gallagher, Anne 2639 23rd Street, Brooklyn, New York 

Galligan, Kevin 38 Blakeslee Street, Cambridge, Mass. 

Gardner, Janellen 1045 Kensington Terrace, Union, New Jersey 

Gardner, John 159 Tennyson Drive, Short Hills, New Jersey 

Garino, Alfred 321 Euclid Avenue, Hackensack, New Jersey 

Garis, Nancy 545 Spring Valley Road, Paramus, New Jersey 

Geiger, Carolyn 119 Radcliff Road, Weston, Mass. 

Genettis, Andrew 262 Putnam Avenue, Cambridge, Mass. 

Geoghegan, Frank 19 Detmor Street, Quincy, Mass. 

Gianelis, George 52 Charles Street, Hyde Park, Mass. 

Gibbons, Michael 753 Bay Street, Taunton, Mass. 

Gilgan, Paul 316 Highland Avenue, Randolph, Mass. 

Gillardi, Joseph Long Ridge Road, Pound Ridge, New York 

Gillespie, William 12 Pickering Street, Danvers, Mass. 

Glasser, Harvey 134 Elliot Place, Bronx, New York 

Glickman, Harvey 10 Thompson Road, Marblehead, Mass. 

Gold, Herbert South Fallsburg, New York 

Goldberg, Joan 81-lS 264 Street, Floral Park, New York 

Goldman, Sheldon 2286 Brigham Street, Brooklyn, New York 

Goldson, Barbara 5 Sounder Street, North Weymouth, Mass. 

Goldstein, Diane 104-60 Queens Boulevard, Forest Hills, New York 

GradI, Frank 13 Elwood Avenue, Flemington, New Jersey 

Graham, Leo 13 South Union Street, Batavio, New York 

Gray, Roger 208 Irwing Street, Fromingham, Mass. 

Greenfield, Lois 22 Floral Drive, Monticello, New York 

Gregory, John 50 Estes Street, Everett, Mass. 


Grogan, Richard 44 Appleton Street, Springfield, Mass. 

Grossman, Jane 1400 Treboy Avenue, Richmond, Virginia 

Gulino, Camille 186 Central Avenue, Medford, Mass. 

Hailock, Cheryl 109 Westminster Street, Hartford, Conn. 

Helper, George 5 Weswall Road, Newton Centre, Mass. 

Hamelsky, Jane 49 Cliff Court, Highland Park, New Jersey 

Harlor, Jon 260 Central Street, Mansfield, Mass. 

Herman, Richard 30 Terrace, Montpelier, Vermont 

Harrold, John 39 Mercury Street, South Weymouth, Mass. 

Hartog, Pamela 440 East 62nd Street, New York 

Hoscall, Car! 106 White Street, East Boston, Mass. 

Hauck, Edward 23 Croseley Terrace, Hillsdale, New Jersey 

Heberling, Diane 14 Woods Avenue, Greenville, Conn. 

Heffler, Allan US South Morris Road, Wynnewood, Pa. 

Herrmann, Barry 499 North Columbus Avenue, Mount Vernon, New York 

Hewitt, Arthur 3 Canacum Road, Weymouth, Mass. 

Hill, Barbara 43 Beach Crest Drive, Burlington, Vermont 

Hoberman, Robert 30 Marlere Drive, New Haven, Conn. 

Hoffman, David 11— J Ivy Lane, Bergenfield, New Jersey 

Honor, Mollyne 144 — SS Melbourne Avenue, New Garden, New York 

Huggard, Thomas 72-31 Loubet Street, Forest Hills, New York 

Hughes, William 54 Grelter Road, Roslindale, Mass. 

Hymoff, Ronald 6 Hackensack Circle, West Roxbury, Mass. 

Imperiale, Michele 2016 East 14th Street, Brooklyn, New York 

Irvine, Clara 51 Standish Avenue, Wollaston, Mass. 

Jackson, Bart 32 Church Street, Mansfield, Mass 

Johnson, James 1267 Farmington Avenue, West Hartford, Conn. 

Johnson, Woodward 143 Meeting Street, Providence, Rhode Island 

Jones, Edward 283 Winchester Street, Newton, Mass. 

Kagan, Arthur 182 Washington Avenue, Chelsea, Mass. 

Kalinowski, Andrew 121 Perry Avenue, Worcester, Mass. 

Kamin, Mark 50 Rugby Road, Yonkers, New York 

Kasten, Warren 1571 Sheridan Avenue, Bronx, New York 

Katz, Sandra 686 Downing Street, Teaneck, New Jersey 

Keenan, Kevin 307 Great Oak Road, Orange, Conn. 

Kelleher, William 455 Beach 124 Street, Belle Harbor, New Jersey 

Kellner, William 5 Cherry Avenue, Stoneham, Mass. 

Kelly, Diana 535 Kensington Towers, Toronto, Canada 

Kenny, Elaine James Street, Morristown, New Jersey 

Keough, Joyce 17 Gilbert Street, Waltham, Mass. 

Khoury, Glenn 9213 Ridge Boulevard, Brooklyn, New York 

Kibbe, Gerald 65 Piperback Avenue, Newington, Conn. 

Kimball, Gregory 104 Lawn Terrace, Mamaroneck, New York 

Kimmel, William 269 Russells Mills Road, South Dartmouth, Mass. 

Kirley, Walter 26 Riverside Drive, Waltham, Mass. 

Klaber, Louise 5100 Monument Avenue, Richmond, Virginia 

Klein, Mary 18512 Lynton Road, Shaker Heights, Ohio 

Knapp, Henry 165 Benjamin Avenue, Rochester, New York 

Kohn, Trudi 39 Waddington Avenue, West Orange, New Jersey 

Kops, Ian 1872 East 19th Street, Brooklyn, New York 

Kotapski, Maryann 30 Chestnut Street, Abington, Mass. 

Kroin, Lawrence 529 Rutland Avenue, Teaneck, New Jersey 

Kurtzman, Richard 34 Hazelmere Road, Roslindale, Mass. 

Kusik, Edgar Richmond, Mass. 

Laghetto, Robert 18 Beech Street, Somerville, Mass. 

LaRaia, Robert 802 Southern Artery, Quincy, Mass. 

Lawlor, John 285 Nesmith Street, Lowell, Mass. 

Leco, Ann Marie 380 South Washington Street, North Attleboro, Mass. 

Legg, Danna 83 Riverwood Parkway, Toronto 18, Ontario 

Leiakes, Ronald 26 Ash Street, Stoughton, Mass. 

Lembo, Louis 469 Van Buren Street, Ridgewood, New Jersey 

Levine, Lenore 320 Marini Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 

Levine, Robert 306 East Farragut Road, Wildwood Crest, New Jersey 

Levine, Russell 261 Russett Road, Brookline, Mass. 

Lewis, Paul 47 Walerston Avenue, Quincy, Mass. 

Lewis, Peter 1891 Stanley Street, New Britain, Conn. 

Lipari, Florence 143 Magnolia Avenue, Jersey City, New Jersey 

Lippincott, Charles 208 South DuPont Road, Wilmington, Del. 

Lonergan, William 145 Linden Avenue, Bronford, Conn. 

Lombardi, Francis 48 Almy Street, Fall River, Mass. 

Longo, Frank 7 Cushman Street, Taunton, Mass. 

Lorton, Richard 75 Circuit Avenue, Waterbury, Conn. 

Luccini, Nello 145 Cottage Street, Franklin, Mass. 

Lyons, Francis 33 St. Gregory Street, Dorchester, Mass. 

Macaluso, Thomas 17 Cannon Street, Windsor Locks, Conn. 

MacMurray, Charles 22 Holbrook Road, Quincy, Mass. 

Magoletta, Phillip 25 Mill Street, Westwood, Mass. 

Manning, Richard 41 Dearborn Street, Salem, Mass. 

Marinelli, Diane 59 Fair Lawn Avenue, Southbridge, Mass. 

Margolis, Leonard 81 1 l-5th Avenue, North Bergen, New Jersey 

Mason, Terri 1300 East Chestnut Street, Hazelton, Penn. 

Mayer, Walter 1110 Tulip Avenue, Franklin Square, New York 

McGinnity, James 166 Locust Street, Danvers, Mass. 

Mazzarini, Thomas 24^2 Winter Street, Salem, Mass. 

McCallum, Edgar 359 Heath Street, Brookline, Mass. 

McGonegal, Roland 148 South Franklin Turnpike, Ramsey, New Jersey 

McLucas, Willard 29 Broad Street, Belmont, Mass. 

Mertz, Lillian 29 Silver Beach Road, Riverside, Conn. 

Metier, Keith Fork & Wayne Street, Egston, Penn. 

Miller, James 2260 Elizabeth Avenue, Westfield, New Jersey 

Minelli, Edward 50 Nantasket Avenue, Hull, Mass. 

Minihan, Daniel 8 Brigham Road, Framingham, Mass. 

Miranda, Carl 4 Parkside Drive, Carle Place, New York 

Meshongnek, Ralph 135 Beach 139th Street, Rockaway Park, New York 

Mishkin, Neil 1360 Ocean Parkway, Brooklyn, New York 

Montgomery, Barrey 118 Park Street, Braintree, Mass. 

Montini, John RFO #3, Mahopac, New York 

Moore, Harriet 128-14 Cranston Avenue, Belle Harbor, New Jersey 

Morgan, Russell 74 Park Street, Somerville, Mass. 

Moskowitz, Paul 817 Irvington Avenue, Hillside, New Jersey 

Mosley, Ernest 7 Linden Street, Alston, Mass. 

Mucci, Joseph 184 School Street, Watertown, Mass. 


Mulvihill, Jillian 212-60 Whitehall Terrace, Queens Village, New York 

Murdock, Douglas 30 Homestead Road, Lynnfield, Mass. 

Nahigian, Stephen 6 Beatrice Lane, Medway, Mass. 

Nardelli, Mary Ann 201 Elm Street, North Attleboro, Mass. 

Nast, Bertrand 1616 Stratfield Road, Fairfield, Conn. 

Newman, Alan 20 Winthrop St., Yonkers, New York 

Newman, Donald 3467 DeKalb Avenue, New York, New York 

Nogin, Jerald 2815 Avenue K, Brooklyn, New York 

Noke, Edward 63 Lyman Street, Waltham, Mass. 

Norton, Mark 246 Townline Road, West Nyack, New York 

O'Brien, Paul 1340 River Street, Hyde Park, Mass. 

Offenberger, Robert 2 Seneca Parkway, Rochester, New York 

O'Grady, Michael 421 Wolcott Avenue, Windsor, Conn. 

Oliveri, Leonard 54 Forest Street, Medford, Mass. 

OIpp, Robert 22 John Street, Chatham, New Jersey 

O'Shea, Gerald 101 Bond Street, Lindenhurst, New Jersey 

Ostroff, Cynthia 19 Montview Avenue, Lowell, Mass. 

Owens, Susan 2579 Delaware Avenue, Saint Paul, Minn. 

Palmer, Carol 1896 Watton Avenue, Bronx, New York 

Palmer, Gail 11 Fairview Avenue, South Braintree, Mass. 

Parker, David Berr Avenue, Ellington, Conn. 

Paul, Edward 6 Rockridge Road, Mount Vernon, New York 

Peacock, Lloyd 36 Bennett Street, Waltham, Mass. 

Peck, Allan 223 Hampton Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 

Pecora, Joseph 320 Seef Place, South Orange, New Jersey 

Pellegrini, Frank 235 Clent Road, Great Neck, New York 

Perlman, Stephen 3240 Henry Hudson Parkway, New York, New York 

Perona, Paul 529 Washington Street, Dorchester, Mass. 

Peronace, Frank 134 Vance Street, New Britain, Conn. 

Pettite, Chet 19 Farleigh Avenue, Rochester, New York 

Piandes, Charles 15 Thorndike Street, Arlington, Mass. 

Piasecki, William 635 North Main Street, Mansfield, Mass. 

Piccolo, Frank 188 Peace Street, Stradfield, Conn. 

Pilling, Richard 10—12 Plymouth Drive, Fairlawn, New Jersey 

Piatt, Robert 58 Donna Road, Newton, Mass. 

Plotkin, Joyce 79-10 34th Avenue, Jackson Heights, New York 

Pogact, Priscilla 117 Harding Street, Westwood, New Jersey 

Polack, Barry 3 Clark Road, Brookline, Mass. 

Pollak, Richard 186 Riverside Drive, New York, New York 

Popkin, Barbara 193 South Street, Brookline, Mass. 

Posner, Sherry 65-61 Sounder Street, Forest Hills, New York 

Potash, Stephen 1856 Oldsmith Avenue, New Brunswick, New Jersey 

Pozzi, John 209 Waterman Avenue, East Providence, Rhode Island 

Publicover, Roy 40 Irving Street, Arlington, Mass. 

Racicot, Suzanne 3 Whitcomb Street, Haverhill, Mass. 

Radkay, Randall 25 Wilde Road, Newton, Mass. 

Reader, Malcolm 270 West Elm Street, Brockton, Mass. 

Redish, Jane 530 East 90th Street, New York, New York 

Reif, Richard 2275 Barker Avenue, Bronx, New York 

Reinhardt, Richard R.D. #1 Port Jervis, New York 

Ritz, Emily n Ellis Drive, Worcester, Mass. 

Ritzinger, Karl 54 Main Street, Foxboro, Mass. 


Robbins, Stanley 41 Summer Street, Dover, New Jersey 
Rodano, Phillip 700 Summit Avenue, Hackensack, New Jersey 
Rodrigues, Manuel 1184 Hayward Street, Manchester, New Hampshire 
Rosendorf, Arlene 535 Commonwealth Avenue, Newton, Mass. 
Rossi, Dianne 40 Dean Road, Weston, Mass. 
Roth, Roger 28 Tomac Avenue, Old Greenwich, Conn. 
Rothstein, Karen 2255 Goodwin Road, Elmont, New York 
Rosenfeld, Suzanne 15—94 212 Street, Bayside, New York 
Rottenberg, Harry 66 Marston Avenue, Portsmouth, New Hampshire 
Russell, Henry 14 Alban Street, Dorchester, Mass. 
Ryan, Peter 6 Ferncliff Terrace, Glenridge, New Jersey 
Sachs, Sheila 11 South Munn Avenue, East Orange, New Jersey 
Salabaj, John 1017 Jefferson Avenue, Elizabeth, New Jersey 
Saletan, Charles 27 Clinton Avenue, Kearny, New Jersey 
Saltzman, Dotti 31 Central Parkway, Mount Vernon, New York 
Salmon, Vivienne 634 Union Avenue, Bronx, New York 
Samuelian, Joseph A. 46 Division Street, Quincy, Mass. 
Sardella, Kathryn Mary 210 North Warren Avenue, Brockton 
Sarkes, George 10 West Milton Street, Hyde Park, Mass. 
Sarrel, Eileen 2215 Newkirk Avenue, Brooklyn, New Hampshire 
Scardino, Russell 92 Crossover Road, Rochester, New York 
Schafer, Dani§l 601 McLean Avenue, Yonkers, New York 
Scherer, Andrew 155 President Avenue, Providence, Rhode Island 
Schleiff, William 157 Mount Vernon East, East Weymouth, Mass. 
Schneider, Charles 89—47 151st Avenue, Howard Beach, New York 
Schneider, Richard 1273 Callupe Drive, Pittsburg, Penn. 
Schreiber, Susan 619 Riverside Drive, Hil Iside, New Jersey 
Schroeder, Edward 1680 Carlisle Road, York, Penn. 
Schulman, Carl 69-13 Fleet Street, Forest Hills, New York 
Schwartz, Phillip 122 Campbell Avenue, Revere, Mass. 
Scialli, Dennis 120 Holland Road, South Orange, New Jersey 
Sendecki, Martin J-. 7 Franklin Avenue, Nutley, New Jersey 
Serge, Carmel 41 Union Street, Amsterdam, New York 
Seymann, Leslie 971 Benris Avenue, Franklin Square, New York 
Shack, Maryanne 14 Marlboro Street, Belmont, Mass. 
Sharp, Peter 126 Barcrest Drive, Rochester, New York 
Shaw, William 35 Hi View Drive, Hope, Rhode Island 
Sheehan, George 41 Chiswick Road, Edgewood, Rhode Island 
Shi Ihan, Sharon 214-18 45th Road, Bayside, New York 
Sill, Peter Esso Standard, Paraguay, Casilla Correo 407 

Asuncion, Paraguay, South America 
Simon, Laurel 1700 Bedford AvenuS, Brooklyn, New York 
Singer, Marsha 1820 East 13th Street, New York, New York 
Sirof, Bruce 173 Coleridge Street, Brooklyn, New York 
Skolnick, Donna 1918 East 18th Street, Brooklyn, New York 
Smith, Ronald 42 Herkimer Street, Brooklyn, New York 
Smorack, Susan 304 East Harrison Street, Long Beach, New York 
Snyder, Gary 50 Bellevue Road, Braintree, Mass. 
Sobel, Mark 877 Chestnut Street, Waban, Mass. 
Solicito, Donna 117 Nyac Avenue, Pelham, New York 
Soloff, Matthew 2316 Avenue M, Brooklyn, New York 
Sorkin, Kenneth 36 Surfside Road, Lynn, Mass. 

Sparrow, Douglas 16 Oak Knoll Court, North Providence, Rhode Island 
Speier, Arthur 929 East 43rd Street, Brooklyn, New York 


Speciale, David 1798 Middle Road, Rush, New York 

Spillane, Robert 47 Cordaville Road, Ashland, Mass. 

Stanley, John P.O. Box 3, Brattleboro, Vermont 

Stark, Robert 2667 Hampton Road, Cleveland, Ohio 

Statucki, Richard 58 Ronald Drive, Rochester, New York 

Stone, John 76 Hillspoint Road, Westport, Conn. 

Strong, Janice Ledgetree Road, Medfield, Mass. 

Summers, James 1085 Kensington Terrace, Union, New Jersey 

Supovitz, Harry 106 Oliver Road, New Haven, Conn. 

Sylvester, Peter 43 Scarborough Road, Manchester, Conn. 

Tartufo, Joseph 24 Fuller Place, Mansfield, Mass. 

Tauseuich, Fred 29 Meredith Way, Weymouth, Mass. 

Tave, Dennis 3070 Hull Avenue, Bronx, New York 

Taylor, Anne 92 Central Park West, New York, New York 

Thibault, Paul 401 Franklin Street, Mansfield, Mass. 

Thompson, Robert 20 Ericson Street, Boston, Mass. 

Thompson, Ronald 8 Todd Road, Lexington, Mass. 

Thorsen, Martin 585 Potter Road, Framingham, Mass. 

Tichnor, Bonnie 15 River Street Terrace, Hyde Park, Mass. 

Tisler, Howard 27 Tanglewood Road, Hartford, Conn. 

Tomeo, Richard 26 Damon Road, Medford, Mass. 

Tortoriello, Thomas 294 Chopin Terrace, Springfield, Mass. 

Towle, Frank 12 Sedgewick Drive, North Scituote, Mass. 

Tuite, Charles, 153 Jewett Street, Newton, Mass. 

Turner, Vincent 23 Hollis Street, Cambridge, Mass. 

Upton, Donald 750 North Albany Avenue, Atlantic City, New Jersey 

Varty, Lynn 149 Brixton Road, Garden City, New York 

Verakas, Stephen 244 Riverside Drive, New York, New York 

Verner, Robin 42 Vista Place, Staten Island, New York 

Videll, Monta 33-11 148th Street, Flushing, New York 

Viscardi, Albert County Street, Mansfield, Mass. 

Walker, Charles 801 Caldwell Avenue, Union, New Jersey 

Walker, Stephen 99 Sussex Road, Bergenfield, New Jersey 

Walsh, Robert 7 Channel Road, South Norwalk, Conn. 

Wolvisch, Jayne 358 Cornwell Avenue, Malverne, New York 

Warrick, Clifford 882 West Front Street, Redbank, New Jersey 

Weber, Mark 28 West 69th Street, New York, New York 

Wehmeyer, Charles Highway 35, Normandy Beach, New Jersey 

Weiner, Esta 328 Central Parkway, Mount Vernon, New York 

Weinrebe^ Abner 94 Radcliff Street, .Boston, Mass. 

Weiss, Stuart 480 Riverside Avenue, Yonkers, New York 

Willens, Neil 89 Harding Avenue, Dumont, New Jersey 

Williams, James 130 Falmouth Street, Rochester, New York 

Williams, John 2614 McCarey Street, Chester, Penn. 

Wolfberg, Richard 27 Whittier Drive, Searingtown, New York 

Wolfe, Craig 6 Sherbrooke Road, Newton, Mass. 

Wyman, Maurice 58 Winifred Road, Brockton, Mass. 

Yezo, Edward 535-54th Street, West New York, New Jersey 

Young, Phillip 7067 Fayetteville Road, Fayetteville, New York 

Zanni, Stephen 22 Wilmont Street, Lawrence, Mass. 

Zaroulis, George Longmeadow Road, North Tewksbury, Mass.